Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Prototype for interactive quiz (Version 8.2)

Prototype for interactive quiz (Version 8.2)
By Daphne Chan & Chris Leung

New features:
1, A digital timer modified from the sample script written by Bullock (n.d.) is added to count the time required to complete the task.

2. No of attempts for each question is restricted. Users have two attempts for each question only. If they cannot answer correctly, the question will be skipped automatically.

Comments are invited, thank you!

Bullock, J. (n.d.). Digital Timer. Retrieved July 28, 2006, from Spoono - Flash Tutorials Web site :


Blogger Mr. Chan CB said...

Wow... This is fun!

Perhaps if the user makes a mistake on his 2nd attempt, then the LO should take him back to "Learn about occupations" interface. So that he can learn from his mistake by going back to search for the correct answer while the timer is still active.

After all, the purpose of the LO is for the user to learn and understand new vocabulary and NOT to be penalised for making errors.

Yet at the same time, users can have competitions with each other for the fastest time record to answer all questions. This acts like a video game.

5:11 PM

Blogger Christina MLIM said...

I agreed to Alan's comments. If the purpose is helping users to learn the characteristics of different careers, chances should be provided for them to have hints or information when they do know or in doubt of the correct answer.

9:22 AM

Blogger Chris said...

Dear all, thank you for your comments!

3:54 PM

Blogger Terence Chow said...

Dear Chris And Daphne,

Your prototype looks great and it could teach student how to correlate occuption with relevant personnel. Will you intend to integrate it into the curriculum of your school ? BTW, the color is wonderful and attractive. Will you consider to add some sound effect with respect to student answer (e.g. correct/incorrect).


7:04 PM

Blogger Amy Kan said...

If you treat it as a quiz, it is acceptable to give only two chances to the students. But I think you should state the instructions clearly before the quiz starts.

12:18 AM


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