Sunday, August 20, 2006

MLIM6323 Final Submission (Pair Work)

Below is our final submission for the pair work of MLIM 6323
By Daphne Chan & Chris Leung

1. Learning Object: Learning about occupations

Source file:

Background music: Myslivecek, Divertimento in F

2. Interactive Quiz

Source file:

3. Theorectical discussion

User Guide for the LO:
1. Click the swf link above.
2. You will see a street with 4 buildings.
3. Click on one building to learn the new vocabulary about that occupation.
4. After listening to the narration, click on the same building again to continue.

User Guide for the Quiz:
1. The quiz is divided into TEXT and GRAPHICS version.
2. Select the version to be used for assessment.
3. Each student will have 2 chances to give answer in each question. If correct, he/she can click "Next" to proceed to the next question. If wrong, he/she will have another chance. If still wrong, the question will be skipped automatically and the student has to attempt a new question.
4. Each correct and incorrect attempt will be recorded for final evaluation.
5. The time for a student to complete the quiz will be recorded also for benchmarking.
6. To replay the quiz, use the REFRESH button of the browser to restart. This is to prevent the students from skipping the score page accidentally before any data is recorded.

Rationale for the use of the LO and Quiz:
1. The interactive learning objects are not to replace the instructor but to provide additional pedagogical support to the instructor to have a higher teaching effectiveness and efficiency.

2. To avoid overloading or challenging the students, the LO and the quiz are kept as simple and tidy as possible. Lengthy explanation of the LOs are skipped so that the users can jump start with the learning and assessment sessions after listening to the briefing by the teachers.

3. In the quiz, both the correct mark and incorrect mark are recorded. This is to help students accept failure during their learning experience. The teacher can provide guidance and encouragement to the students when necessary. As the quiz and the learning object are two separate flash presentations, the teacher can open the LO window for the student at any time while he/she is attempting the quiz to refresh his/her memory.

4. Different teachers can use the same quiz to compare the time, correct and incorrect answers of different student groups to evaluate the pedagogical effectiveness.

5. Further enhancement of the LO and Quiz is allowed as multimedia programmer can create new occupation objects, building objects and questions in the Flash files with ease. This is why in our final version, some of the layout designs are different from that shown in the storyboard.


Blogger Christina MLIM said...

Well done! Good drawings. More explanation related to the careers should be better, e.g. a balloon including the keyphrases in the text quiz. Because there are some carrer in te same building.

1:45 PM

Blogger AnJaka said...

Hey Chris, This is a good article site.
i found many information here.
Good luck, Chris

12:36 PM

Blogger Ronan Jimson said...

Hey Chris, Happy merry christmas.
see you soon, Chris

5:07 AM


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