Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reflection on Digital Storytelling

Daniel's questioning on the differences between a photostory and a slide had corrected my long-held misconception.

I thought that photostory was simply presenting pictures with some tech gimmicks to impress our audience. In an attempt to answer back, I proceeded to open the powerpoint of the Instructional Technology Program [1] by Dr. Bernard Robin at the University of Houston.

According to Dr. Robin, there are ten elements in a digital story:

1. Purpose of the story
2. Narrator's point of view
3. Dramatic question(s)
4. Choice of content
5. Clarity of voice
6. Pacing of the narrative
7. Meaningful sountrack
8. Quality of the image
9. Economy of the story details
10. Good grammar and language usage

Unlike an ordinary slide presentation or a photo album, a digital story should have a well planned story-line. All photos, soundtracks, narration and transitional effects added should be carefully designed to guide the audience from the problem to the resolution:

After Daniel's lecture and Robin's powerpoint, I have to confess that I just know too little about the art of storytelling. Sometimes, something seems to be easy is not easy at all!



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