Friday, July 28, 2006

Prototype for interactive quiz (version 7.27)

Interactive quiz for learning about occupations (version 7.27)
By Daphne Chan and Chris Leung

The prototype for the quiz is ready. You may try it out:

* This quiz prototype is the second part of the learning object posted on July 20, 2006:
Prototype for 6323 Project (Version 7.20) - see below

1. Students are expected to click on the correct button.
2. When students answer the question correctly, they can proceed to the next question until they finish all the four questions.
3. If the answer is incorrect, a word "Oops! Please try again!" will pop out and they can try again.
4. Both the number of correct attempts and incorrect attempts will be displayed in the box for record.

Comments are invited, thank you!


Blogger Keith Ma said...

Your learning object is great to provide quiz to help learning.

But, I think, when users click those wrong answers, it maybe better showing different hints instead of counting their errors.

9:54 PM

Blogger Sincere said...

When I attempt the quiz, I don't need to read the written description to pick up the answer because a picture of that occupation is shown.
Maybe you can display your information at different times.
First, just to show the written text and invite users to have a guess.
Then, no matter the answer is correct or not, a picture can be shown to stimualte their interest or give students a hint if they have submitted the wrong answer.

1:33 PM

Blogger Peon Cheung said...

Chris and Dephne,
You have done a very good job though they are only the parts of the work. The attractive drawing in your prototype looks professional. As a learner, I would like to have the following suggestions:

1. As there are quite a number of frames (pages) to present the contents of the topic with a "Quiz" page, I think it would be better if you could add one more page in the front as a "Menu" so as to enhance the navigation support to viewers. Or just to replace the opening page with this "Menu" page.

2. In the "Quiz" page, just presenting a score in a "correct" box is well enough to make learners know their result. I think learners are still encouraged to carry on their exploration if they can not get a good result. Hence, the "Incorrect" box is not so necessary.

I think students can learn something from this LO. Keep going!

7:22 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Dear all, thank you for your comments!

5:54 PM


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