Friday, June 30, 2006

Reflection on Visual Thinking

There is no denying that the visual language is not well accepted as an official mode of communications today. However, visual language does have a role in our society.

Musical note
Musicians do rely on visual language to communicate. The visual dialect is “musical score”. Composers get their message across through the note combination and arrangement shown on the score:

Sign language

The deaf communicate by using some special finger signs. These are visual in nature:

I think the problem of the segregation of graphics and text in communication is more prominent in the West. In the East, such as in China and Egypt, the characters were derived from symbolic symbols in the past. Here are some examples:

Ancient Chinese characters

Ancient Egyptian characters

In the ancient time, people did communicate visually. But the drawback of the visual language is that it is very time-consuming to create even a very short message.

In response to “Polemics of Visual Thinking” by Adrian Van Allen, I would say that we should try hard to make a balance between using visual and text. Text isn't that evil, is it?


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