Friday, June 30, 2006

Reflection on Infographics

Our world is changing from text-based to visual-based. Decades ago, the newspapers were mainly text-based. But today, many people indulge in comics and TV. People begin to watch more but read less.

But in our education system, the students who are well trained on the reading and writing skills are more likely to succeed. Those who are good at drawing but not good at reading or writing are less likely to be successful in their academic life.

When more and more people begin to watch more and read less, does it mean that our society is downgrading? Or people now actually have been awakened to pick up again the graphicacy, the lost traditional wisdom our ancestors shared?

How ICT can contribute to the reborn of graphicacy? I think we should use Tablet PC wherever possible to facilitate our development of graphicacy. Email does not have necessarily to be text. Email can be picture. Here is an example:


Blogger Marielibrary said...

It is very interesting of your point that ICT can contribute to the reborn of graphicacy.For me is very envy the simple life of our ancestors, they use graphic creatively which ICT skills are not needed.Nowaday, we need a lot of personal software to upgrading of life,even to draw a picture to communicate with somebody needs to know to send a email.I'm not much enjoy about it.
another question you bring out is also meaningful to think about, it it realy that more peole begin to use visual more and read less ,it mean our society is downgrading. Actually, compulsory education made most people suffer extensive suffering by much reading and writing that student don't benefit from it, instead, the change of visual learning play an important part in the way people commucation and learn.

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